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We are a IV infusion bar and, we are dedicated to redefining wellness and making it easily accessible wherever you are. We offer a diverse range of IV infusion drips that cater to a wide spectrum of needs, all meticulously designed to help you look and feel your best. All our drips consist of medically approved vitamins and are administered by a licensed Registered Nurse. You can enjoy the comfort and convenience of our services in the familiar surroundings of your home or office.

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Advanced Skin Glow Drip

Glutamatrix advance is crafted to diminish the appearance of dark spots, hyperpigmentations and uneven skin tone. It is prescribed to clients who want to achieve flawless,radiant skin and promote a luminous skin complexion

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Weight Loss Drip

L Carnitine iv infusion promotes fatty acid oxidation and accelerates the fat-burning process resulting in faster weightloss and converts fat into pure energy

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Blood/Iron Booster Drip

The Ferrimed infusion gives body the necessary iron it needs to boost blood and for anaemic clients. We check your iron levels using a HB machine before and after the drip. Iron is know to help metabolise proteins and plays a role in production of haemoglobin. Reducing fatigue ,treating insomnia and preventing anaemia

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Hangover Drip

Hangover drip reduces dehydration and electrolyte imbalance,fatigue,nausea and vommiting. It boosts your mood and get you back to feeling like your normal self

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Detox Drip

Detox drip is a powerful antioxidant that balance inflammation,neutralise damaged cells, decrease toxicity, strengthen your immune system to make you feel revived and and purifies toxins.

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Glutathione Skin Radiance Drip

Skin Radiance drip reduces marked pigmentation,blemishes,fine lines and wrinkles and gives you healthy and youthful glow

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Biotin Drip / hairloss drip

This Drip helps increase hair follicle growth ,improves skin hydration hairloss and thinning. Encouraging hair follicle growth and healthy hair

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Energy Booster Drip

Energy booster drip increases energy and reduces fatigue.balance your body electrolytes,vitamins and antioxidants to improve your energy levels

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Mobile IV Drip Bar

Mobile IV Drip Bar

Mobile IV Drip Bar

Mobile IV Drip Bar

Mobile IV Drip Bar

Mobile IV Drip Bar

Mobile IV Drip Bar

Mobile IV Drip Bar

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